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The player moves to a small town in Japan, and is due to start at the local junior high school. However on his/her first day they are somehow transported to a school in the UK, where they were 'expected' as the new exchange student. How they choose to act and how well they use the English language will affect their outcome, and possibly their survival. 

This is a game aimed at Japanese students learning English, and so there is a lot of Japanese used. This particularly occurs at the start of the game where the character is still in Japan. 

Outlandish Move is a free visual novel written for Japanese students of English. The players character takes an unexpected journey in which they are forced to use English, in many ways their survival depends on it. With twenty possible outcomes, the story will flow based on the decisions of the player.



Outlandish-Move-2.0-win.zip 97 MB
Outlandish-Move-2.0-linux.tar.bz2 97 MB
Outlandish-Move-2.0-mac.zip 95 MB

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